I am a Costume Designer with more than 10 years of experience in the field.
I am always happy to meet new directors with crazy ideas and to make these ideas come true.
My approach to costume design is not only based on fashion, but also on other artistic disciplines: sculpture, literature, photography, and painting.
My inspiration comes from what I see in the streets, on the screens, and in the clouds. 
For me, every new project is a way to describe reality: using colors, shapes, volumes, and personalities.

I consider myself a true artisan, creating each costume with my own hands, mixing materials, tissues, and garments to arrive at that unique composition. I normally bring my own sewing machine to the fittings. Sometimes I bring a tailor with me as well, someone who understands the craziest ideas and can assist me to create completely new and unseen stuff.

I love to work with historical costumes and specialized in this field during my studies at Saint Martin’s School in London. I feel lucky to have collaborated with great designers on set, but also feel completely in my element when a director trusts my vision and gives me the freedom to create.

I am based in Barcelona and have worked in Paris and London for many years.

Selected production companies I have collaborated with: 
Partizan, Canada, Division, Smile, Mamma Team, Somesuch&Co, Azul, Limon, Garage, amongst others.

Some great directors I have worked with:
Isaki Lacuesta, Luis Cerveró, Lope Serrano, Nico Méndez, J.A.Bayona, Mary Clerté, Marc Oller, Stephanies Di Giusto, Helmi, Daniel Wolfe, Pep Bosch, Ornella Pacchioni, amongst many others.

Looking forward to work with you, always!