Cyanotipes on the stage.

Some historians investigated the most personal episodes of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s life. Knowing to whom is addressed his letter ‘Immortal Lover’ seems impossible nowadays.

Josephine Von Brunswick, Antonie Brentano, Therese Malfatti, and Giulietta Guicciardi are the 4 candidates. So I decided to transfer their faces in the costumes of Jaume Pla, Miquel Sospedra, Aleix Bou, and Adrià Bravo on this ‘Ludwig’ tour by Mazoni.

Just as @jaumazoni has brought Beethoven’s melodies to contemporary pop, the costumes I made want to revisit cyanotype, a pioneering technique in photography, where the emulsion of ferrocyanide and ammoniacal ferrous citrate reacts with sunlight.  This process gives this characteristic Prussian blue.

Anna Atkins invented the cyanotype in 1843. It was born to use for scientific purposes, mainly botanical prints.

On my side, in this project, the reasons for using it are many:

the fact that Atkins and Beethoven are contemporary,

that it allows the presence of the composer’s mistresses on stage,

that the creative process is risky and experimental,

that each member of the group can dress in comfortable clothes and of their taste, but that at the same time there is a uniformity;

and for the costume designer to have fun, combining her three passions: music, photography, and costumes.

To document this collaboration, @mireiator photographed the group with the Hasselblad, the legendary medium-format analog camera.